Rattan and Wicker for Outdoor Use

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Natural Wicker Versus Synthetic Wicker

There is a big difference between rattan and wicker furniture that can be kept and used outdoors and the type that is for indoor use only. These two types of wicker are known as natural and synthetic. Natural wicker furniture items are not outdoor-friendly.

The elements of the environment, such as rain, snow, and sunlight, are damaging to the natural woods. Natural wicker can deteriorate quickly. Having said this, it is okay to set up natural wicker outdoors for temporary use. If you are hosting an outdoor party and weather permits, it’s okay to use natural wicker furniture outdoors. Always remember to bring it back indoors or store it in a dry place afterward. The most common type of outdoor wicker furniture is made of synthetic resin.

Synthetic Wicker

Synthetic wicker is what most people refer to when they say outdoor wicker furniture. Typically synthetic wicker is made from polyethylene or PVC. Polyethylene is the more durable of the two. Even though synthetic wicker furniture is made to withstand outdoor elements, for your furniture to last longer, it needs to be cared for.

Always ensure you purchase a quality set of resin outdoor wicker furniture. If it has a very glossy finish to it, don’t buy it, it’s a cheap set. There are synthetic sectionals, sofa sets, daybeds, loungers, and dining sets available to create a beautiful outdoor living space.

Natural Wicker

Some people might think that if they use a waterproofing spray on their natural wicker furniture, it will protect it from the outdoor elements. However, this technique does not work to protect the natural wicker furniture from mould, moisture, sun, and mildew. As natural wicker can deteriorate quite quickly, you won’t want to put any antique wicker or rattan pieces outdoors, as they cannot be replaced.