Decorating Indoors with Rattan and Wicker

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Many people still think that rattan and wicker furniture is for outdoor patio use only. However, rattan, a popular furniture product, is making a comeback from the 70s. Rattan and wicker are also referred to as malacca, manau, and manila. These natural wood furniture pieces add warmth and texture to any room. The addition of natural furniture can suit any design style, such as rustic, coastal, shabby-chic and tropical. When kept away from moisture and sunlight, these furniture pieces can last a lifetime. The natural wood products they are made from are totally reliable and provide years of use.

Adding a Rattan Chair

By simply adding a beautiful rattan chair, complete with cushions, turns a shabby-chic style into a farmhouse-shabby-chic combination. You may also want to add a rattan accent table for a small lamp as well, to create a warm look.

Rattan in the Bathroom

If you have a vintage bathtub in your home, adding a rattan stool, chair or small table would add a rustic look, especially if you have natural wood floors.

In the Bedroom

A dark rattan bed frame would add a luxurious look when light linens are used. The contrast is very eye-catching. The details in the design of the rattan bed frame would stand out remarkably.

In the Dining Room

Today a trendy home decor idea is the use of a rattan table and chairs in the dining area. Traditionally, the tabletop is glass to allow full view of the rattan leg and frame details. Chairs are constructed with rattan frames and finished with beautiful thick floral colourful cushions. This creates a very fresh look in the dining area.

Wicker and Rattan Accents

Many wicker and rattan home decor accent pieces can be added to your home or cottage. Adding these kinds of accents adds the finishing touches that make a room look complete.