Best Stores in Canada for Buying Wicker and Rattan

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There are many stores throughout Canada that carry a beautiful line of rattan and wicker furniture. Below you will find some of the best Canadian stores to purchase rattan and wicker furniture.


Since 1962, Pier1 has been well versed in wicker. Popularly known for its first wicker furniture product, the Papasan, the store now carries an exclusive collection of fine wicker furniture made from various natural products. The primary material used to produce Pier1 wicker furniture is rattan. Rattan is a name used for more than 600 prolific climbing plants. It is an abundant resource as some of the different rattan species can grow more than 300 feet long. The core, peel, pole and the vine in its entirety are quite often used to produce wicker furniture.

How Pier1 Wicker Furniture is Made

Pier1 custom wicker furniture is produced using three stages. The first stage is the framing, then the weaving and then every piece is crafted with a minimum of seven finishing steps. Pier1 wicker furniture is better than others due to the high-quality standards that are followed when producing the items.

Wicker Emporium

Wicker Emporium is located in Charlottetown, PEI. Wicker Emporium imports hand-picked products from around the world. Items are chosen from China, Italy, Bosnia, Mexico, Indonesia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Canada. This is a very unique home decor and furniture store where you can choose from a wide variety of wicker items. Many of the items in the store are unique, one of a kind items that you will unlikely see somewhere else. New merchandise arrives regularly so you can find something different every time you come into the store.

Best Buy Canada

Best Buy stores throughout Canada carry many rattan and wicker sets to make any outdoor space look inviting. They also have a fine line of indoor rattan and wicker furniture accents. Pricing is quite reasonable, and the products are useful, high-quality items.