All About Wicker and Rattan

Welcome to our website. Today you will learn a little bit about rattan and wicker furniture. This type of furniture is making a comeback from the popular 70’s furniture designs. Rattan is the name of approximately 600 world climbing palms, while wicker is the technique used to make the weaved furniture. Rattan vines are found in forests where they grow and intertwine through other vegetation. They grow quite long and rapidly regrow after they have been harvested. Most of the world’s rattan, approximately 70%, comes from Indonesia. The rest of the rattan comes from places such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


The following topics will be covered to give you a little insight into this type of unique furniture.

  • The Difference Between Rattan and Wicker
  • Best Stores in Canada to Buy Rattan and Wicker Furniture
  • How to Shop for Wicker Furniture
  • Decorating Indoors with Rattan and Wicker Furniture
  • Outdoor Use
  • Best Rattan choices from 600 species of and Wicker for Comfort
  • Office Furniture
  • Ergonomically Friendly Chairs

Rattan has many uses other than for the production of furniture. Some rattan vines produce edible fruits, so they become a food source. Some scientists in Italy discovered the use of rattan wood could be a component in making artificial bones. Rattan is also used to make wicks for essential oils in aroma reed diffusers. Rattan can also be used for arts and crafts due to its durability. Rattan has also been used to construct crooks for high-end umbrellas, as well as canes.

We hope you enjoy our blog and learn a thing or two about rattan and wicker.